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Forced vaccination in Chechnya

In Rostov-on-Don, in the Southern District Military Court, Ali Taziyev, nicknamed “Magas,” is on trial for the third time. Customs officers caught half a ton of undeclared ramson on the Russian-Ukrainian border at the “Nekhoteevka” checkpoint. Russia is pulling armies and formations of airborne troops to its western borders. In the Chechen Republic, Continue Reading

Murder of a Chechen in Belgium

Besides what is already in the media, we still know little about the shootout in the Belgian city of Liège. Some of the data indicated in the media and by eyewitnesses on social networks differ. The video shows an armed man firing a machine gun in a residential area in the middle of the day. […]Continue Reading

Chechen blogger was attacked in Vienna

On April 6, Chechen blogger Murad Aslamkhanov, who has repeatedly criticized Russian official Ramzan Kadyrov, was attacked in Vienna. ​It has become known that in the Chechen Republic, Ibrahim Temirbayev, the former mayor of the town of Argun, was killed in an accident. Copyright ©2021, VAYFOND. All rights reservedContinue Reading

New Mercedes, kidnappings and sanctions in Chechnya

Nurmagomed Mamuyev, a 32-year-old Chechen national, disappeared after German authorities deported him from the country, the Memorial Human Rights Center reported. The Court of Appeal in Sweden raised from 10 to 12 years the sentence for Ruslan Mamayev, who attempted the life of Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov last February. New sanctions were introduced against Russia, Continue Reading

Confession of a former Kadyrovite.

On March 15, 2021, Novaya Gazeta published the testimony of Suleiman Gezmakhmaev, senior sergeant of the Kadyrov Regiment, about mass arrests and extrajudicial killings by the Chechen police. In this video, we voice Gezmakhmaev’s word-for-word story taken from an article by Novaya Gazeta entitled “I served in the Chechen police and did not want to […]Continue Reading