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Emigration is a chance to get quality education

Chechens and Ingushes ended up in European states out of necessity are striving for getting education in European universities. Born between the first and second Chechen wars, they have already learnt the language of their country of residence, are using the advantages of the European higher education system and at the same time keeping track […]Continue Reading

“Russian world” as a bogeyman for immigrants

The Stockholm migration department has committed an act of forgery and violated the right of an asylum seeker to an interpreter. Besides, the department officials have disregarded the filed letter of attorney and refused to cooperate with the female refugee’s representatives, without any legal reason.  The officials insisted on talking to the grantor personally, which Continue Reading

Must not Keep Silent

Germany has officially refused to extradite a Chechen citizen Salam Vitaev to Russia. Vitaev has applied for refugee status and said that he was being illegally prosecuted at home. Meanwhile, Russia is still searching for the man through the Interpol system. He is accused of joining the ISIS terrorist organization, creation and financing of illegal […]Continue Reading