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Russian special forces spotted in Norway

Russian operation troops have been spotted on the soil of the Spitsbergen archipelago and the mainland of Norway, reported RBC with reference to AldriMer. Citing sources in the intelligence services of Norway and its NATO allies, the publication said that the Russian troops were scouting the area and studying infrastructure. It is alleged that the photos Continue Reading

An appeal to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy regarding the case of Ilayev

Dear Mr. President Currently, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities are considering a request from the Russian authorities to extradite Amkhad Ilayev. The facts of the criminal prosecution of A. Ilayev are well known, however, let us provide you with a brief summary. Ilayev is accused of allegedly killing five members of the Russian-speaking Kalinichenko family in […]Continue Reading

Zurab Khangoshvili: The Instigator of the Murder of My Brother is the Federal Security Service of Russia

Last Friday, a 40-year-old Georgian citizen, a Chechen national Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was killed in Berlin. On the same day, on suspicion of his murder, a 49-year-old Russian citizen was detained. Z. Khangoshvili is a former resistance participant since the beginning of the invasion by the Russian troops of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in 1999. […]Continue Reading

Chechen refugee shot in Germany

Today around noon in the center of Berlin, a native of the Chechen Republic was shot dead while heading to the mosque for Friday prayers. Presumably, the victim is a former member of the Chechen resistance Zelim Khangoshvili. It is reported that a man riding a bicycle fired at a Chechen and fled the scene, […]Continue Reading