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“Tumso’s broadcasts are watched with Kadyrov’s approval”. Muhammad Abdurakhmanov on the information war in Chechnya

Muhammad Abdurakhmanov is a representative of “Vayfond” – Chechen human rights association based in Sweden. He is seeking asylum in Europe due to persecution in his homeland just like his brother Tumso Abdurakhmanov – a critic of the Chechen authorities and video blogger. A few days ago, a court in Germany fully acquitted Muhammad of […]Continue Reading

To expel Euro-Kadyrovites. Mansur Sadulaev – about spies and profanation of the Head of Chechnya

The Head of Vayfond Chechen Human Rights Association Mansur Sadulaev recently challenged a fellow countryman, a mixed martial arts fighter Mairbek Taisumov, who lives in Austria. He explained such a choice of the opponent by the political component of the athlete’s activity – he often published photoes with the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, supports […]Continue Reading

A Chechen in Sweden Became a Hero

Sweden. A 13-year-old Chechen Abdurakhman Aydamirov revealed a 66-year-old pedophile. People who knew the man, never noticed anything suspicious about him, moreover, many considered him a member of their family. He was a respected man, parents did not react to the hints of their children, as they trusted the man very much. However, our young […]Continue Reading

Representatives of the Russian-speaking Jewish community stood up for Chechens

Representatives of the Russian-speaking Jewish community stood up for Chechens and demanded the French authorities to refrain from insulting statements and baseless accusations against Chechens.In this context, we are talking about the conflict between drug traffickers and Chechens in the city of Dijon.Drug traffickers beat and then threatened to kill a young Chechen by Continue Reading

Madina Umaeva – sudden death or murder?

The Human Rights Association Vayfond received multiple reports on the death of a young mother with many children Madina Umaeva. Madina’s mother Khutmat Davletmirazaeva accused her son-in-law Viskhadji Khamidov of the murder. In the end, Khutmat apologized to the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, explaining her “mistake” by the fact that Continue Reading

Praising Kadyrov, you support tyranny

Mansur Sadulaev: Greetings to all! Recently I came across a video of Turkish actors addressing Ramzan Kadyrov with praises and wishes to recover soon. After watching these videos, I thought: “Don’t they know who is Kadyrov and how much the Chechen people hate him?” Some of these actors visited Chechnya previously. There are also other […]Continue Reading