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INTERPOL drew attention to the fact that Chechens are being illegally persecuted by the Russian authorities

Vayfond’s lawyers received another decision from the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files to delete the information of a native of the Chechen Republic from the database of the international police organization in connection with a violation of its Constitution. In contrast to most previous decisions, the Commission further emphasized in the document Continue Reading

INTERPOL cancels search for Caucasians

In 2016, in his report from Turkey journalist Orkhan Dzhemal for the first time explained to the mass Russian-speaking audience: the accusation of Muslims of the Syrian war on the side of the “Islamic State” is a repressive Federal Security Service technology. Dzhemal met with a group of persons originating from the Dagestan village of […]Continue Reading

An assassination attempt on Tumsu Abdurakhmanov

Urgent: an unidentified person tried to kill Tumsu An assassination attempt was made on the well-known Chechen blogger Tumsu Abdurakhmanov this afternoon. Somehow, an unidentified person broke into Tumsu’s apartment and tried to kill him with a hammer while he was sleeping. However, a fight ensued, during which Tumsu managed to neutralize the attacker and […]Continue Reading