Besides what is already in the media, we still know little about the shootout in the Belgian city of Liège. Some of the data indicated in the media and by eyewitnesses on social networks differ. The video shows an armed man firing a machine gun in a residential area in the middle of the day. This person is not a Chechen, as indicated by the Belgian media. Another video shows a crowd of people attacking a car, in which the driver is no longer able to drive the car.

It was confirmed that one of our compatriots was killed and there are also wounded.

As it became known, the name of the killed was Aslanbek. Many people who knew him described him as a calm and respectable person. “He was responsive and always tried to help people,” “he went to a meeting to end the conflict,” “he is survived by his wife and children,” said social media users.

Aslanbek and his friends tried to resolve the conflict that had occurred earlier between Chechen and Kurdish teenagers, but a gang of Kurds in the amount of about 30 people attacked the Chechens who came with peace, as a result of which our compatriot Aslanbek was killed.

The authorities and law enforcement agencies of the European Union pay close attention to the problem of Islamic extremism including “potentially dangerous people” in the lists of persons dangerous for the country with the subsequent withdrawal of their refugee status and deportations (as happened, for example, with Baiduev).

However, in the case of active armed mafia cells dealing with drugs and other crimes, the attention and actions of law enforcement agencies are manifested differently and are obviously not as effective as they should be.

We still hope that all those responsible will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We express our condolences to the family of the victim.

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