Official Appeal to the European Union Countries to Join the United States and United Kingdom in Imposing Sanctions on Kadyrov and his Entourage

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On July 20, 2020, the US State Department announced sanctions against the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, as well as his wife Medni Kadyrova and his daughters, Aishat Kadyrova and Karina Kadyrova, — following numerous human rights violations in the Chechen Republic.

On December 10, 2020, sanctions were imposed on five other individuals from Kadyrov’s entourage, namely: Vakhit Usmayev, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic; Timur Dugazaev, Kadyrov’s representative in Europe; Ziyad Sabsabi, Kadyrov’s representative under Russia’s President; Daniil Martynov, the Deputy Head of the National Guard of Russia in the Chechen Republic; Satish Seemar, Kadyrov’s horse trainer. Sanctions were also imposed on six companies for being owned or controlled by Ramzan Kadyrov and his family, namely: FC Akhmat Grozny, Akhmat MMA, Absolute Championship Akhmat (a martial arts promoting company), the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, Chechen Mineral Waters Ltd., and Megastroyinvest OOO.

To us, representatives of the Chechen diaspora, refugees from the Putin-Kadyrov regime living in Europe, this decision has become a long-awaited recognition of the fact that the so-called “Chechnya’s leader” is in fact a criminal responsible for torture, abuse, and extrajudicial executions. US authorities have thus acknowledged that Ramzan Kadyrov’s relatives, too, receive “dividends” of sorts from his criminal activities.

We believe that imposition of similar sanctions by the countries of the European Union should be a logical extension of the said decision. Moreover, we demand from the EU authorities to impose such sanctions not only on Ramzan Kadyrov and his family members, but also on all members of the Government of the Chechen Republic, deputies of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, as well as on their relatives and people supporting this criminal rule. We also demand to impose personal sanctions on employees of the Federal Security Service Directorate for the Chechen Republic.

These are the people who help, cover up, and sometimes even initiate numerous crimes of Kadyrov’s followers.

There is a long list of crimes committed by the Kadyrov regime both within and outside the Chechen Republic. However, we believe that in this case, it is but a waste of time to mention them in this document, since such lists are available in every refugee agency of any EU country. This information is mentioned by numerous interviewed asylum seekers from the Chechen Republic who have had to flee to the EU in recent years; this information can also be found in many publications of Russian and foreign independent media and is available on websites of Memorial, Russia’s human rights society, Committee against Torture, Amnesty International, and many other human rights organizations. In most cases, this information is publicly available, and there is no need to exert effort to look for it and organize it in any way.

Kadyrov’s criminal clan acting under the auspices of the Kremlin is in fact a mafia-type organization consisting of several thousand people. Nowadays, they terrorize their own Chechen people, whether in Russia or in the diaspora. Soon, they will actively spread terror in Europe. Nowadays, we have seen examples of contract killings and attempted murders of critics of the Kadyrov regime in Sweden, Austria, Germany, and France. These murders are cynical and provocative by their form; they take place in city centers and in crowded places in broad daylight. At any moment, this machine of terror can be used against any resident of Europe who dares to speak critically of Ramzan Kadyrov.

At the same time, however, Ramzan Kadyrov’s relatives and members of his entourage feel at ease in European capitals. They set up so-called “fashion shows” in Paris, as Ramzan Kadyrov’s daughter Aishat did; they undergo medical examinations and treatments in the best clinics in Berlin, as it was the case with Abuzaid Vismuradov, an executioner taking orders from Kadyrov; they even become Ramzan Kadyrov’s official representatives in Europe, like, for example, Timur Dugazaev, a resident of Germany.

On August 27, Ramzan Kadyrov instructed Akhmed Dudayev, Minister of Information and Press of the Chechen Republic, to launch activities of the so-called National Agency for Relations with Chechen Nationals Living Abroad. In fact, it is an attempt to structure his mafia clan in Europe, to impart it a legal shape under protection of Russia’s diplomatic missions and, to a certain extent, to dovetail it with the EU legislation on national minorities. If this “agency” starts functioning legally, the EU countries will face a high crime rate, and Chechen refugees will be tightly controlled and persecuted by the Kadyrov regime.

Kadyrov and his entourage by their very essence and their deeds have long surpassed such infamous tyrants of modern times as Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Idi Amin, or François Duvalier. It is high time that Europe secured its citizens and its economy against such a dangerous and antihuman phenomenon as Ramzan Kadyrov and his entourage. Tomorrow, it may be too late.

It is for that reason that we do not simply ask but demand to promptly impose sanctions on Ramzan Kadyrov personally, on his relatives, and on his entire entourage, as well as on officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service who condone his criminal activities.


Directorate of VAYFOND, the Chechen Human Rights Association

Stockholm February 1, 2021

The appeal addressed to:

the European Council

the Council of Europe

the President of the European Parliament David Maria Sassoli

the Secretary-General of the European Parliament Klaus Welle

the European Parliament of Sweden

the European Parliament of Finland

the European Parliament of Belgium

the European Parliament of France

the European Parliament of Luxemburg

the European Commission

the EU Commission in Sweden

the Government of Sweden

the Ministry of the State of Denmark

the Government of Luxemburg

the Government of Finland

the German Bundestag

the German Federal Government

the CDU/CSU – Parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

the SPD – Parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

the FDP – Parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen – Parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

the Austrian Federal Chancellery

 the Austrian Parliament

the Prime Minister of Belgium

the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia

the President of the French Senate Gérard Larcher

the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman

the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Croatia

the Croatian Parliament

the OHCHR, Civil Society Section

the Court of Justice of the European Union

the OSCE, Secretariat

the European Asylum Support Office

the French National Assembly

the French National Assembly – Service des Affaires internationales et de défense

the ECFR

Amnesty International, London

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