The confrontation between Islamophobia and embittered Muslims is gaining new momentum. In Vienna, 50 people broke into the Catholic Church causing riots in it. There are no casualties.
Such actions have nothing to do with Islam and, above all, they constitute a crime! Never will a God-fearing Muslim leap into the church like barbarians, creating riots there.

We do not support any attack on the church or any other crime. At the same time, we do not apologize for what happened since, fortunately, neither we, nor our relatives, nor our compatriots, or Muslims in general, are responsible for it, because the people who violate the law do not ask permission from others to do so. And attacking Islam and Muslims because someone has committed a crime is discrimination and the expression of other extremes.

Dear compatriots, we do not ask you to remain silent on the injustices and insults addressed to you, but we urge you to defend your rights exclusively within the framework of the law, while not succumbing to your emotions. Remember that in addition to being illegal and unacceptable, such violations help Islamophobic politicians to convince people that Islam – is an evil that must be eradicated. Their unfair policy is built on the basis of such incidents and as a result discriminatory laws are adopted. Our unity and cohesion, as well as a judicious approach to the problem is the only way out in such situations and the only right way to succeed.

It is fair to point out that Austria is one of the few countries that has condemned its own citizen for insulting the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). We live in a country where we can achieve respect and observance for our rights in a civilized and peaceful way.

Best regards,
Islam Galaev
Representative of the VAYFOND Association in Austria

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