On Friday October 23rd, in front of the parliament building in Stockholm, a provocative action of burning the holy book of Muslims took place. The burning of the Quran was timed to coincide with the recent murder in France of school teacher Samuel Pati.
When the organizer began to set fire to the Quran, two police officers intervened and tried to prevent this action, claiming that it was a violation of public order and provocation of Muslims. However, the organizer replied he had permission and the Quran is his private property, with which he has the right to do whatever he wants. He also presented the decision of the prosecution to close the previous investigation into the incitement to hatred of ethnic groups for “desecration of the Quran”. After that, the police had to retreat.
Mansur Sadulayev, Chechen public figure and head of the Vayfond human rights association (Sweden), underlines the inadmissibility of insults towards a religion and all its adherents because of individual criminals from the Muslim community, as well as, the incitement to hatred of ethnic and religious groups, which this type of action provokes. He also called on Muslims in Sweden not to violate the laws of this state, recalling that one can and should fight for their rights exclusively through legal means.

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