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— On October 13, four residents of Grozny: Magomed Tsuraev, Ramzan Murtazaliev, Mayrbek Imamurzaev and Magomed Magomadov were killed in a firefight with security forces.
— Kazbek Baydulaev was tortured before joining the underground. On October 11, he was killed by security officials in the Sernovodsk region.
— On the evening of October 15, a deadly car accident occurred on the section of the Gudermes-Grozny highway in Argun. A Camry car hit two teenagers returning from training. The victims died on the spot.
— The Chechen society is widely discussing the already regular forced repudiations by entire families and clans of relatives who are inconvenient to the regime.
— Chechens Mikail Gazimagomadov, Turpal-Eli Demelkhanov and Khasan Islamov are being tried in Grozny.
— In France, a local college teacher – 47-year-old Samuel Pati was killed on October 16. The Le Monde newspaper reports that the killer is an eighteen-year-old native of Moscow.

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