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  • On October 11, two armed militants were killed in the Chechen Republic.
  • The Migration Service of Ukraine denied asylum to two natives of the Chechen Republic – Ali Bakaev and Amkhad Ilaev, believing that they could safely live in Russia.
  • Hearings in the case of the murder of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili (a Georgian citizen, former Chechen field commander) began in Germany on October 7.
  • The Investigative Committee for the Chechen Republic announced the initiation of a criminal case under the article “Murder” in connection with the disappearance of a resident of Grozny Movsar Umarov. Umarov was kidnapped from his workplace i.e. from a restaurant in the city centre on July 18.
  • Evidence emerged that the police were involved in the abduction of Salman Tepsurkaev.
  • On October 5, a whole kaleidoscope of holidays was celebrated in Chechnya. For the sake of mass gatherings, even preventive measures and the start of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic were postponed.
  • Prisoner Salman Temirbulatov died after being transferred to his homeland. This became known in early October, although the date of death is September 26.

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