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  • Russian officials in the Chechen – Republic bode a new portion of persecution and repression for opposition bloggers abroad and everyone dissatisfied with the current regime.
  • Meanwhile, the case of the kidnapped Salman Tepsurkaev is being considered by the European Court of Human Rights.
  • In France, two natives of the Chechen Republic who took part in the riots in Dijon were detained – a thirty-year-old resident of the commune Dole, who was previously convicted seven times, and his peer from Nice.
  • Parents of Dagestanis who washed their shoes in a holy spring for Christians in the Kaliningrad region recorded an apology video.
  • Another critic of Kadyrov, Musa Lomaev, who lives in Finland, told Kavkaz.Realii that Finish police detained a suspect who made an attempt to kill him on September 10.

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