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– A shocking video of public humiliation appeared on the Internet on September 7th. – Meanwhile, the Instagram blog “SOE Chechnya” published a video entitled an appeal to repeat the torture with a bottle.
– After the act of humiliation of Tepsurkaev by Kadyrov’s people, the self-proclaimed “Prime Minister” of Ichkeria in exile Akhmed Zakayev called to unite in the fight against the atrocities of Kadyrov’s people against the Chechens.
– At a meeting with cultural workers, Ramzan Kadyrov denied the involvement of his assistant Magomed Baytuev in the abduction of Grozny resident Movsar Umarov.
– The Chechen blogger from Austria Murad Aslamkhanov said in one of his video messages that Kadyrov’s people had kidnapped his relatives, as well as relatives of his wife.
– A festive event was held in the Chechen Republic on the occasion of the wedding of Ramzan Kadyrov’s nephew. Kadyrov himself announced this on his Vkontakte page, accompanying the post with a video from the wedding.

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