Sweden. A 13-year-old Chechen Abdurakhman Aydamirov revealed a 66-year-old pedophile. People who knew the man, never noticed anything suspicious about him, moreover, many considered him a member of their family. He was a respected man, parents did not react to the hints of their children, as they trusted the man very much. However, our young hero noticed his suspicious actions, which interested him in starting his own investigation. Abdurakhman did a whole police and social work, interviewing children about the man and their relationship with him. It turned out that the victims of the pedophile suffer greatly because of this situation and do not dare to trust their parents, in fear that they would not believe them. The pedophile also had a psychological impact on children, threatening to cut off their body limbs if they dared to tell something to third parties. Abdurakhman reported the results of his investigation and the children’s confessions to his mother, who immediately called the police. During the search, numerous files with child pornography were found. According to Swedish police, at least 20 children were victims of the pedophile, and he committed crimes for at least 20 years. Abdurakhman became a hero for Sweden, received numerous messages of gratitude, gifts, and became an example for both adults and children. Abdurakhman received an anonymous letter from a victim of the pedophile, in which he reverently expressed his gratitude, and said that for many years, he did not dare to tell anyone about his problem. We are very proud of our compatriot and want everyone to know about him.

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