The Human Rights Association Vayfond received multiple reports on the death of a young mother with many children Madina Umaeva. Madina’s mother Khutmat Davletmirazaeva accused her son-in-law Viskhadji Khamidov of the murder. In the end, Khutmat apologized to the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, explaining her “mistake” by the fact that she believed the gossips. This is the exact scenario that was already anticipated in advance by those who observed the situation. The practice of apologizing to the padishah is widely spread in the Chechen Republic. At the time of the death, Umaeva was only 23 years old, and she was even pregnant. Children of the dead girl under the instruction of Ramzan Kadyrov were taken away from Khumat, and handed over to their father Viskhadji Khamidov.

Sympathizers asked to contribute to the coverage of the tragedy in order to bring the perpetrators to punishment. Unfortunately, we have little faith in the fact that it is possible to achieve an objective investigation of such and similar cases on the territory of the Russian Federation, and especially in the Chechen Republic. Various information was received that we are likely to believe, but it was not supported by evidences. Vayfond Association does not have a representative office in Russia, and therefore it is not possible to investigate the death of the young mother. However, despite the fact that the murder of Umaeva has not been proven, there are some facts in this case that cast doubt on the official version of her death.

As you know, the girl constantly complained to her family about beatings and other violence on the part of her husband. Khutmat confirmed that the daughter had quarreled with her husband due to the fact that Madina spent 9 000 roubles (about 150€) of the child allowance on the purchase of a TV-set. The mother believes that this circumstance was the motive for Khamidov to beat her daughter, as a result of that action, she died. Neither side denies that Umaeva and Khamidov had a strong quarrel for that reason.

There are many questions about the young woman’s death. Umaeva suddenly dies somehow, and her body is immediately buried at night, which is a very strange and extremely rare circumstance, since it is improper to Chechens to bury a person at night. Why is the body of the deceased buried urgently without investigating her death? It is also quite strange that controlled by Kadyrov CHGTRK TV channel from the first day, without waiting for the investigation, has already made a story with an obviously exculpatory bias towards Khamidov.

Khutmat has, at long last, achieved the exhumation of Madina’s body, and for this she was subjected to “public flogging” on the part of Kadyrov despite the fact that in this case the exhumation is a necessary legal procedure. According to Khutmat, blood was found during the exhumation, which makes you wonder again – where did the blood come from, if those women, who washed the body, gave an interview to the CHGTRK channel  and affirmatively testified that there were no traces of violence on Umaeva’s body?

Ramzan Kadyrov, a public Russian official, actually justified beating of women, saying that it is “a common practice” and that a woman should do everything possible to save her marriage, openly implying that she should also suffer beatings. Theoretically, he should have at least promised to investigate the case and point out that violence is unacceptable, but with his “blessing” to beat women, he freed the hands of others, showing once again that no one will be punished for such a crime.

For the Chechens, it has always been considered unacceptable to oppress the weak, and even more so, to beat women. However, because of some people like Khamidov, as well as people like Kadyrov, who encourages their criminal actions and diligently propagates such things in the republic, a negative impression is created about the entire people and their traditions, making Chechens, according to the Russian template, barbarians in front of the whole world.

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