Jelena Knorr, as she calls herself – a German Russian, became known for her insulting remarks about Muslim refugees. In her video messages (video1 and video2), she called migrants monkeys and insulted them with foul language. While expressing her insults to Muslims and “non-white” people, she declares that she does not care who she is – a Nazi or racist, it is vital for her to rid “her country” Germany of “uncivilized primates”.

Knorr demands from refugees to comply with German law and live in accordance with German culture, while at the same time, she personally violates this law which prohibits discrimination against a person or group of people based on their racial, national or religious grounds.

Frau Knorr, while being furiously worried about refugees breaking EU laws, also allowed herself to demand that the “monkeys” may only address a white woman with You like Vous [using the formal, respectful form of the ‘You’ pronoun in plural form if we take Russian language]. Apparently, Knorr did not fully understand what it means to observe the law.

The Vayfond Association received numerous messages from refugees, both religious and not particularly religious, all of them were most offended and worried that Knorr called the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) names by using very abusive language.

Unlike Ms Knorr, we acted in accordance with the law by filing an application to the police. Also, she was reported to the police by a woman, whom Knorr threatened with death and with the Federal Security Service of Russia.

The Cologne Police Reception Office notified us that the report was forwarded to the criminal department of the Cologne Police Department.

We hope that Elena Knorr will be punished in compliance with the applicable law.

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