On January 30, a 44-year-old Chechen blogger Imran Aliyev, known under the pseudonym Mansur Stary, was found dead with incised wounds in the chest and neck in a hotel in the French city of Lille.
The main suspect is a 34-year-old Russian citizen Usman Mamadiev who was with the murdered in a hotel room but managed to leave Europe and return to Russia before Imran’s body was found.

About a month later, on February 26, another Chechen blogger and critic of the Russian occupation administration in the Chechen Republic Tumsu Abdurakhmanov was attacked in Sweden.
It should be reminded that in March last year, one of the Russian officials in the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov declared a blood feud on the blogger. He promised to “wonderfully amuse” Tumsu and warned him to “check before bedtime whether the door is well closed”. However, the video footage that Tumsu uploaded to the Internet shows that the sent killer was himself “wonderfully amused” by Tumsu.

The prosecutor’s request for the arrest of the criminal indicated that the attacker is a citizen of the Russian Federation Ruslan Mamaev, born on 1990-08-24, speaks only Russian.

If the assassination of Imran Aliyev was carried out using a knife, then a hammer was used to attack Tumsu. With what can it be connected?
In August last year, a Chechen refugee Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was shot in broad daylight in central Berlin. This led to the unnecessary hype for Russia when their diplomats were expelled from Germany. At the meeting of the Normandy format, Vladimir Putin tried to blame everything on a certain “criminal world” and its internal showdowns.
After this, it is likely that the Russian authorities decided not to attract unnecessary attention using firearms in the killings of unwanted people, but rather to do this with improvised items like knives, hammers, etc. This way it is much easier to attribute the murder to an ordinary crime and domestic showdowns.

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