On September 4, 2019, protests were held in front of the Office of the German Chancellor in Berlin and in front of the German Embassy in Stockholm demanding an investigation into the murder of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili and prosecution of German immigration officials who, due to their negligence or bias, did not provide protection to Zelimkhan.

Also, one of the main demands of the participants was a review by the German authorities of their attitude towards Chechen refugees and the provision of protection guaranteed by the Geneva Convention on Refugees, which Germany had ratified.


Translation of the resolution into English:

We, Chechen refugees, are outraged by the ongoing terrorist attacks against us by the Russian special services in European countries with the tacit consent of the international community. Another insidious murder of a Chechen proves that Chechens cannot feel safe even in Europe, where we believed that we would finally be protected by the European authorities from the treacherous frenzy of the Kremlin killers. This is another demonstrative execution of a Chechen in Europe, which shows that the European authorities cannot properly assess the terrorist activities of the Kremlin bandits who are operating around the world. The civilized world did not condemn Qatar’s extradition of the killers of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, and after that the Chechens were killed in Turkey, Austria, Ukraine and now in Germany. How many of us must be killed so that the world understands that the murder of Chechens is not just an internal affair of Russia? We, the Chechen refugees, demand that the German authorities conduct a thorough investigation into the murder of Chechen Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin! We demand from the German government to take this investigation under their personal control! We demand from the German authorities to bring to justice the employees of the migration service who were considering the asylum case of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili! We demand the prosecution of Timur Dugazayev and similar agents located in Germany who are involved in this murder!


In the morning, on the day of the upcoming rally, Muhammad received news from his lawyer that the Bavarian Supreme Administrative Court had refused to accept Muhammad Abdurakhmanov’s case. The court considered the decision made by the previous court to be quite adequate. The decision of the previous court stated that Muhammad (brother of the Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov, to whom the Kadyrov’s government declared a blood feud) could live safely in any part of large Russia. The court obliges Muhammad to leave Germany within 30 days. The German court clearly did not consider the murder of the Chechen refugee Zelimkhan Khangoshvili as a significant fact and evidence that even Germany could not prevent the crime of the Russian Federal Security Service on its territory. How can a refugee protect himself in Russia ..?


Another “coincidence” occurred in Sweden the day after the assassination of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili. The children of his brother (Zurab), who sought asylum in Sweden, were taken away by the police to proceed with deportation. The Swedish Migration Service officials stated confidently that the murder of their uncle had no effect on their migration case, despite the fact that their father, the brother of the murdered Zelimkhan, is an asylum seeker, whose life was also threatened by Russian special services who attempted to murder him in Georgia. Back then the murder of Zelimkhan and his brother Zurab was successfully prevented. Zelimkhan and Zurab had been receiving constant anonymous threats, Zelimkhan repeatedly reported this to the German police, but the police did not take these alarms seriously. The threats mentioned their male children, whom the anonymous persons promised to kill in the future when the children would become adults. Naively or deliberately, the migration services ignore these threats and intend to deport Zurab’s children in the near future.
We demand that Germany shall comply with the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which Germany, like other EU countries, has signed and pledged to abide by!

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