Today around noon in the center of Berlin, a native of the Chechen Republic was shot dead while heading to the mosque for Friday prayers. Presumably, the victim is a former member of the Chechen resistance Zelim Khangoshvili.

It is reported that a man riding a bicycle fired at a Chechen and fled the scene, throwing clothes and weapons into the river. The victim died on the spot before the ambulance arrived, as the shot hit his head.

Berlin police cordoned off the area and organized a search operation. Soon there was information that the alleged offender was detained. The police did not provide any additional information.

Can we talk about another contract murder of a Chechen objectionable to the Kremlin by the hands of Kadyrov’s killers?

The motives and other details of this crime are not yet clear, but Zelim Khangoshvili may be the next victim of Kadyrov’s killers in Europe, after Umar Israilov.

We would like to remind that Umar Israilov was also shot in broad daylight 10 years ago in the capital of another European country – Austria.

On June 1, 2011, an Austrian court sentenced three Chechens living in Austria who were charged with the murder of Israilov – Otto Kaltenbrunner (née Ruslan Edilov), Muslim Dadaev and Turpal-Ali Yeshurkaev. The alleged organizer Edilov was sentenced to life imprisonment, Dadaev – to 19 years, Yeshurkaev – to 16. Another Chechen, Lecha Bogatyrov, who was considered as the direct executor of the murder, was able to return from Austria to Chechnya immediately after the murder.

Also, Austrian prosecutors considered Ramzan Kadyrov as a direct orderer of the abduction and murder (among others, they found joint photographs of Kadyrov and Ruslan Edilov). But requests to Russia concerning the interrogation of Bogatyrov and Kadyrov remained unanswered, they were not formally charged.

There were repeated attempted murders by Russian special services on Zelimkhan Khangoshvili when he was still living in Georgia.

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