On December 7, a resident of the village of Kulary of the Grozny (rural) district, Israpil Tsamaligov, born in 1984, was abducted.

At about 10:30 am, when Israpil was at home, a neighbor called him and said that two men were interested in him, they said that they needed him urgently. The neighbor was not surprised by this visit – Tsamaligov worked at private construction sites and at the paving slabs production  plant, they could come to him on business.

Israpil went out into the street. Returning after a while, he told his wife that the visitors had introduced themselves as officers of the Police Department of the Grozny (rural) district and asked him to go to the department with them. They were in a Lada Priora car of steel color, wore civilian clothes, people did not notice that they had any weapons.

Tsamaligov’s wife started to worry, she went into the yard and asked one of the men to show the documents. But they did not talk to her, they did not show any documents.

Tsamaligov reported by telephone to his relatives, who worked in the Police Department of the Grozny district that he was being taken to them, took the documents and went away with the unknown people.

In 10-15 minutes he got a call from his mother. He told her that he was being taken to the police department.

According to information available to the Human Rights Center “Memorial”, he did not reach the police department. In about an hour his phone was disconnected. Since then, nothing is known about the whereabouts of Tsamaligov.

Israpil’s relatives came to the police department of the Leninsky district with a written statement.

On December 9, the investigator came and interviewed the relatives and neighbors about the disappearance of Tsamaligov.

On December 10, the parents wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office of the Grozny (rural) district.

A pre-investigation check is being carried out, however, the relatives do not know whether a criminal case has been initiated for the abduction of Israpil.
They appealed several times to law enforcement agencies with a request to get a billing of his phone, but, according to them, this was not done. The relatives told that one Arthur, who introduced himself as an FSB officer, arrived in the village a couple of days before the abduction of Israpil and asked the residents about him.

Several years ago, Israpil Tsamaligov studied theology in Syria. In 2010, he returned home without completing his studies, since there was an unstable situation in Syria. In connection with his studies in Syria, he was summoned to the police department and interrogated.

Israpil taught local children to read the Koran in a madrasah.


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