On the night of February 15 to 16, 2019, security forces broke into the house and kidnapped a young doctor of Islamic medicine Alibek Mirzekhanov.

According to his close friend Khizri, neither Alibek nor his mother get in touch. Their relatives knownothing of their whereabouts.

At the time when the security forces were breaking into Alibek’s house, he conducted a live broadcast on his Instagram page, asking everyone to record and distribute the broadcast.

“Earlier Alibek had already been taken tothe police department, in 2012 and 2013. He was tortured and they demanded to slander other young people,” – added Khizri.

The interlocutor said that a criminal case is being trumped up against his friend Alibek by an ambitious investigator who is building his career in this way.

Mirzekhanov states in one of his appeals, that he had long ago noticed that FSB officers traced him. His acquaintances and friends were summoned for questioning and were asked about him. He also stated that his conscience is clear and he has not committed any crimes. According to him, he is being persecuted for religious reasons. Alibek’srelatives and friends are also confident that any charges against him are trumped up.

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