On February 5, Novye Aldi was “swept” by two units that behaved differently. The unit that was sweeping the Southern side of the village robbed houses, but did not commit any murders. The unit that was sweeping the Northern side (OMON special task force of the Saint-Petersburg city police department) killed 56 people (including 10 people killed in the neighboring areas of Grozny), including 6 women, 11 elderly people aged 60 years and older (the oldest born 1924); among the killed there was a one-year-old baby (Hasan Estamirov) and a woman 9-months pregnant (Toita Estamirova). According to Novaya Gazeta, witnesses claimed that the 49-year-old Sultan Temirov had his head cut off and his trunk thrown to the dogs. Killed by nationality were mainly Chechens, as well as two Russians (including Elena Kuznetsova, 70 years). The average age of the killed was 44 years. On the same day, murders were committed in the surrounding areas of Grozny.

According to the Human Rights Watch report, there were cases of arson and rape.

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