Basically, the tragic events unfolded around the “participant of the illegal armed group” Kuzhulov Abbas (Habib) Imamovich (02/05/1957), who in January 2015 was abducted by the security forces and was missing for a whole year. By that time, he had not fought for a long time, was sick, and had been hiding for several years. But there was an informer among the national traitors, who informed where he was, and he was arrested, subjected to trial and sentenced to 6 years in a general regime penal colony.

So, as of 21 September 2017, there were released the spouses Kuzhulov Ilman Imamovich (born in 1951) and Kuzhulova (Ozdieva) Aishat – the elder brother and daughter-in-law of Abbas Kuzhulova, and the sisters Sultanova (Kuzhulova) Taus Abbasovna (born in 1988) and Sultanova (Kuzhulova) Markha Abbasovna (born in 1999) – the daughter of Abbas Kuzhulov.

However, until today, the fate of Sultanov (Kuzhulov) Iles Abbasovich (born in 1989), abducted by unknown persons at the end of August 2017 in daylight in the city of Grozny is unknown.

Security forces began to show an interest in Iles Sultanov (Kuzhulov) from 2004, when he was not yet 15. The teenager was repeatedly taken to various structures and tortured with interrogations about his father Abbas Kuzhulov, who joined the Resistance members in 2000.

In May 2009, after another abduction of Iles Kuzhulov (in April), his relatives, worried about the further fate of a 20-year-old boy, appealed to the office of the Human Rights Centre “Memorial” in the city of Grozny with hope of support. Here is a quote from this appeal:

“We do not know what they want from him. Iles was just a kid when his father left. We are afraid that they will bring him to despair. He is very young and cannot withstand such pressure. Those who left, they left, we cannot do anything about it. But why do they force the rest? When they took him for the last time, Iles told them that, despite all their efforts to force him to join the illegal armed groups, he would not do that. He really wants to live a normal life. He realizes that he is the only support for his sisters and mother.”

 However, in August 2017, another abduction of Iles Kuzhulov took place and this despite the fact that his father, Abbas Kuzhulov, was arrested in 2015 and was serving a “punishment” in Saratov prison.

On 21 September 2017 – on the first day of the beginning of the new year of 1439 by the Hijra calendar (1 Muharram), a tragedy came to Kuzhulov family.

It turned out that along with the kidnapping of close relatives, Abbas Kuzhulov was transferred from Saratov prison to Vedensky district, allegedly to participate in “investigative measures” that were conducted “as part of an investigation of previously initiated criminal case.”

On the evening of 21 September, during the “measures” in the mountainous wooded area near the village of Kharachoy (in the town of Ziurkh), two employees of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Vedensky district (head — Khumayd Borschigov) and convicted Abbas Kuzhulov were blown up on an unidentified explosive device. Abbas died instantly from his injuries incompatible with life, may Allah rest his soul and accept his Jihad! Two puppet police officers received heavy mine-blast injuries, including a policeman who led Kuzhulov in handcuffs.

What actually happened that night in Kharachoy is unknown. But we know one thing: another faithful son of his Fatherland, who died a martyr’s death on the path of the Most High and became an immortal Shahid, insha Allah.

Abbas Kuzhulov went in the mountains to the Mujahideen at the beginning of the second Russian-Chechen war, in August 2000. This happened after his elderly father Imam, with a sick heart, mowing the grass in the meadow, suddenly came under the bombing of Russian aviation and died of a heart attack. After burying his father, Abbas went to the mountains.

In September 2001, during the mass “sweeps”, Russian soldiers took away his younger brother, Sobur-Ali Kuzhulov. For 16 days he was kept in a damp basement on the territory of a military unit on the outskirts of the village of Tevzana in Vedensky district and systematically subjected to cruel beatings and humiliations. Thanks to familiar well-wishers, Sobur-Ali managed to buy off with money and was released. After a short treatment, barely recovering from injuries, he also decided to go to the mountains and join his brother.

In one of the battles in the mountains with the Russian invaders, Sobur-Ali was seriously wounded and taken out for treatment abroad, he did not maintain contact with his relatives.

And the third brother, Kuzhulov Emir-Khasan (Khanib) Imamovich (born on 01/02/1963) did not participate in the Resistance movement at all. However, in 2015, he was secretly abducted by security forces, accused of assistance to the “participants of illegal armed groups” and sentenced to 5.5 years in maximum security labour camp (currently serving a “punishment” in Izhevsk).

The Chechen diaspora in Turkey is concerned about the further fate of Sultanov (Kuzhulov) Iles Abbasovich (born in 1989) – the only son of Abbas Kuzhulov, who was killed by the security forces on 21 September 2017, even without waiting for the expiry of the serving of “punishment” in prison. In addition, at home Iles has a sick mother, Khava Sultanova, who is in deep stress after the kidnapping of her son and the death of her husband, and now left without a support or breadwinner.

The Chechen diaspora in Turkey once again appeals to human rights defenders, journalists, and people of goodwill and urges them to search for the missing Sultanov (Kuzhulov) Iles Abbasovich, who has been persecuted by the security forces since 2000. We are also requesting you to conduct an independent investigation into the murder of his father – 60-year-old Kuzhulov Abbas (Khabib) Imamovich, who was convoyed from Saratov prison and exploded in a mine in Vedensky district.

With respect and gratitude,

Members of the Chechen Diaspora in the Republic of Turkey

Istanbul City

23 September 2017.


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