Imran Salamov

It should be reminded that on 13 April 2017, Imran was detained in Brest after Russia put him on the international wanted list in the same month. On the same day, the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Leninskiy District of Brest decided to forcibly expel him and detain him in connection with the expulsion.

On 20 April, he applied for refugee status in Belarus, stating that he was repeatedly tortured in Chechnya and that he had left there because of fears of being tortured again. In accordance with Belarusian laws, the expulsion was suspended during consideration of this application. Imran appealed the decision on expulsion in a separate procedure.

On August 16, the Leninskiy district court of Brest decided to reject Imran a complaint against the decision on compulsory expulsion. After that, he had 10 days to appeal against this decision.

On 25 August, a cassation appeal was filed in the Brest Regional Court.

On 18 August, Belarus refused to grant a refugee status to Imran.

On 23 August, he received this decision. After that, he had 15 days to appeal against it, which expires on 7 September.

Today, on 6 September, when Imran’s lawyer came to the temporary detention centre to submit to Imran a prepared appeal against the decision on refusal of refugee status, she was told that he had been sent the day before.

The Imran situation was also monitored by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees in Minsk.

Human Constanta experts believe that the expulsion was illegal. According to the Law on Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus, the expulsion is suspended if a foreigner applies for refugee status for a period before making a decision on such a petition and the expiration of the period established by law for appealing a decision made on a petition or before the entry into force of a court decision refusing to satisfy a complaint regarding a decision made on a petition. Irman was expelled before the deadline for filing an appeal against the decision on refusal of refugee status expired. Thus, the expulsion was carried out illegally.

Based on the fact of this violation, Human Constanta will contact the prosecutor’s office to initiate a check.

According to official data, from 2004 to the first half of 2017, 86 citizens of the Russian Federation requested refugee status in Belarus. None of them received such status.

For detailed information, please call +375-(29)-370-45-56 (Human Constanta Mission in Brest) or get it by e-mail

Source: Human Constanta

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