On October 24, Ahmed Altamirov was extradited from Bosnia to Russia, contrary to the UN Human Rights Committee ban on his extradition. 

 It seemed to us that it cannot be worse than in Slovakia (Slovakia extradited Ingush Aslan Yandievafter 8 years of imprisonment. The Russian party fabricated a number of false accusations against him), but it turned out that there is a place worse than Slovakia, it is Bosnia. In Slovakia, we were at least informed about the date of extradition of our compatriot, which has not been done in the case of Ahmed Altamirov. They just took him away without giving any explanations, the defenders got to know about it only some time later.

Interpol does not want to take responsibility for the fact that, because of their organization, Russia gets citizens who fled from the country because they were illegally prosecuted. Our compatriots are extraditedwithout an adequate court directly into Russia’s hands, to a country where there is neither law nor fair trial, and this is not a secret to anyone (!!!).

The Russian federal (or, more correctly, Putin’s) media announced out loud about the extradition of Altamirov as of a dangerous terrorist who warred together with Jabhat al-Nusraterrorists in Syria, however, for some reason they “forgot” to mention ten more various terrorist organizations in which he allegedly participated at the same time (!!), including the terrorist organization ISIS, which Jabhat al-Nusra was fightingwith at that time.

Ahmed was targeted in the same investigation as Salam Vitaev, whose case materials we have at our disposal, where all these details are indicated. The case was framed by a lazy investigator who did not even bother to change names from time to time from a previous criminal case fabricated by him.

We have done everything we could. This injustice is increasing more and more every day, and we will have enough strength to fight it while we exist. We do not despairand we will try to achieve that the authorities of Bosnia and the authorities of Slovakia will be held responsible for negligent treatment and a crime against our compatriots.

A lawyer who will protect Ahmed Altamirov’s interests has already been appointed.

The release of Ahmed to Russia is not the end, and we are still facing a harder and more worrying path so that to defend him.

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