In it`s response to our letter from 08.10.2018 Department of Extradition prosecutor Mr. Valeriy Kolesnik from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine promised to take into account our proofs of innocence of Ali Bakaev.

We are glad that Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reacted to our letter and that it works on the circumstances which will prevent extradition of Ali Bakaev. We hope Prosecutor General’s Office will investigate the case of Ali Bakaev thoroughly enough to come to the right conclusion that accusations against him have been faked by Russian authorities. We call on Ukrainian state not to extradite innocent men and women to our common enemy, Russian Federation, which fakes criminal cases in order to get rid of regime-unloyal people.

Russian Federation is currently a formation which fakes everything and denies the obvious, starting from criminal cases against its citizens and (not?) ending with its involvement in barbarian actions on the world-wide scale. It is a country beyond the rule of law. A country which imprisons innocent people, applies horrendous tortures and kills.

Especially at a time when our land, Chechnya, and part of Ukraine is occupied by the same imperialistic enemy, we hope to receive support from Ukraine, as Ukraine is receiving ours via numerous Chechen volunteers who fight side by side with Ukrainian army against Russian aggression. We hope our compatriots, whose only fault is unloyalty to the imposed regime, will no longer be handed over for torture and murder to Russian Federation.

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