Association VAYFOND has relatively recently started its work. But the security agencies have already managed to allocate employees whose task is to damage the reputation of our organization and our colleagues, using the meanest and most unworthy methods. Here is a vivid example of their activity. Among Instagram accounts, there is rozysk06 user (news feed and advertisements about people wanted in Ingushetia), who works for Russian law enforcement agencies. From this address he writes comments to our posts, containing undisguised threats against VAYFOND association employees. He has repeatedly called us accomplices of terrorists and reported that there are people who will reach us. We can only guess what they are planning in fact.

With the aim of adding credibility, in rozysk06 Instagram account there are photos of real terrorists mixed with photos of the people who are plainly slandered by the authorities with help of this user. Thus, the volume of information is being increased and true and false information is mixed up so that the readers could experience more problems with figuring out who the real criminals, and who the innocent victims of propaganda spread by siloviki are. Women’s photos often appear there. These women are called terrorists in that web resource. According to our information, criminal cases with insufficient evidence of guilt were fabricated against their husbands, and the women were straightaway accused of complicity in crime.

In the articles on the “freedom of expression” website operline, he and other authors use blatant lies, defaming the honor of authoritative Muslims – public figures, who for obvious reasons are unwanted by the Russian authorities.

Their absurd charges contradict the real state of affairs in charitable organizations directly, but what is more disgraceful is that they even sling muck at honest and decent people in locker-room language. Thus, desecrating, first of all, themselves. When the flow of deceitful arguments is coming to the end, he begins arguing ad hominem. Only those people who suffer from psychoemotional problems can behave in this way, which is extremely regrettable itself.

Almost in all articles created by these anonymous authors, there are obscene words about the alleged sexual promiscuity of decent people. This demonstrates the terrible spiritual vices of the text authors themselves. What a disrespect they should be treating their audience with if they make the audience read their dirty fantasies. And the most incomprehensible here is how the editorial office of the analytical site can permit such abomination.

Their tactic is as follows: in order to defeat the opponent, you need to hit his authority; “smack him down” in the eyes of people, so that not to let these scores of people join forces to do something good and increase in quantity. Of course, people who have gathered for the good will never reconcile themselves to the bandit regime of the Kremlin, and at least in their hearts they will disdain it. Such “unwanted” people are exterminated by the Russian government from time immemorial.

In their “sweet” speeches, they often talk about justice, fairness, and even mention the Lord, who allegedly helps them to stop the criminals-“shaitans”.

Each of their articles mentions the inevitability of punishment (even for those who have been slandered). It’s like some sort of psychological pressure. “We are already coming to you.” “Such people are not needed by anyone.” We do agree completely with the necessity of legal punishment for actually committed crimes.

But if you look at the other side, it turns out that in Russia this principle is rather one-sided. What crimes are most often committed by law enforcement employees against citizens involved in charitable, educational and human rights activities?

Art. 303 of the RF Criminal Code, Falsification of evidence and the results of criminal intelligence (for example, the presentation of physical evidences, which were absent originally)

Art. 128.1 of the RF Criminal Code, Slander (dissemination of knowingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of another person or undermining his reputation)

Art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code, Excess of official authority (beatings, tortures, physical mistreatment, coercion to giving the required version of evidence come within purview of this article)

Then, why are such things practically unprovable in Russia? Why does judicial practice know so few cases of applying these articles? And why it happens so that even if such trials take place, they concern ordinary policemen, and not the FSB officers, who, following the orders from above, calmly fabricate criminal cases in the way which is advantageous for them? Let’s try to find the answers to these questions.

Charitable and human rights activities in Russia are not welcome (situation with the freedom of religion is even more complicated).

Protection of human rights. Fair trial. These words not always turn into reality on the Russian territory. After all, it may turn out that the prosecution is wrong. It means that force structures were mistaken, “valiant” authorities (we cannot even call them “law enforcement”) allowed themselves to exceed their powers. They will have to admit their mistakes publicly, which will undermine the authority of the long-obsolete system that must be infallible in the eyes of the public.

Charity. Unselfish help to the needy. Questions of religion and humanity. The consciousness of many people is so distorted that they are accustomed to living only for the sake of their own benefit, to seeing only their own problems. “Why should we help other people, anyhow? People are to blame themselves that they live like that, they have chosen their own destiny themselves”- that is what we hear very often.

You can repeat 300 times to a person that you collect money for the poor. And show evidence that the money was given to them as it was planned. But he will only shout louder that you are financing terrorists. He will distort the facts, say that black is white, and simply lie. Because this person never tried to help others, even if they are completely strange to you. Or he has never been in a situation where problems cannot be solved without exterior help. Such a person becomes self-confident, presumptuous, he does not rely on the Most High in his actions and judgments, but he relies on himself and on his own acquaintances. He takes reckless decisions, not caring about the consequences. He is sure of his impunity, he does not think that he will have to bear responsibility for every word he ever said in a place where the ties with the FSB will not help – at the Last Judgment before the Lord there is no sense to show your service certificate …

Аuthor: Isa Svensson

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