In 2011, Aslan Yandiev was detained by the Slovak police at the request of Russia through Interpol, and since then he spent 8 years under extradition arrest.

The UN Human Rights Committee canceled the extradition of Aslan until the Committee has examined his case. This should have taken about 6 months. The Slovak authorities not just ignored the decision of the UN Committee, but even speeded up his extradition to Russia.

We were asked to help Yandiev when the final decision on his extradition to Russia was already taken. Yandiev’s lawyer learned about the date of his extradition not from official sources. We had only a few days to try to stop the extradition. The lawyer did everything possible, involved the media, human rights activists, prominent public figures, Slovak politicians and politicians of the European Parliament. The Interpol General Secretariat is informed on what has happened too.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Today, on July 17, 2018, Slovak authorities handed refugee Aslan Yandiev over to Russia.

The Yandiev’s case continues. Now he is faced with a difficult way along the Russian regime. Aslan is very sick and weak, he is a disabled person of group II, he may have an oncological disease. In the conditions of the Russian prison, he is more than likely not to survive.

We do not lose heart and now our task is to help Aslan to go through this difficult trial till the end and not to give up.

We are afraid that, due to his poor health, he will sign the falsified charges against him even without torture, and he will be put to jail, living there his last days.

The large-scale public disclosure of this story in the society will protect Yandiev from torture and perhaps even from an unjust decision of the court, if he stands fast.

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