Public and political figure Mansur Sadulaev, commenting on the latest events in Paris, speaks about the definite  unacceptability of such actions from a Sharia perspective. In addition, these actions cause significant damage to the Chechens, in respect of whom racism and bias are manifested by the media every now and then. He encourages not being lulled into false slogans of terrorist organizations, because often secret services recruit into the ranks of terrorists, using young and naive people for their political benefits. “Islam is nowhere near what a terrorist committed in Paris.

This is a great crime. Did the companions of the Messenger of Allah attack children, women and old people with knives? Or maybe you read somewhere that his companions run on the horses over children and women? Have you heard this anywhere?!  We love to say: Quran and Sunnah. We are talking about Sharia. But why we do not check, what permits and prohibits this Sharia? Why don’t we study our religion? Owing to the lack of studying religion, we are being forced to such actions by deceit. Be smarter!” Sadulaev says in his video message.


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