Zambek Yakuev

Zambek Yakuev, born 1983, resident of Rubezhnoye village. On December 5, 2014, at 4:00 pm, policemen from the Naurskoe ROVD (district police department) detained and took Zambek away.

Zambek was on his way home with friends, at the entrance to the village there were armed people dressed in green camouflage uniforms. They stopped the car and asked the young people to introduce themselves. When Zambek told them his name, the armed men asked him to go with them. They did not explain anything, they did not show the documents, they said only that they had questions to him.

They took Zambek away in an unknown direction. So far, there is no information about him.

Source: Kavkazskiy Uzel

Zambek Yakuev

Charity and Human Rights Association