Tumgoev Timur is extradited by Ukraine to the Russian Federation

14.09.2018 0 By Админ

On September 12, 2018, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine extradited the native of Vladikavkaz, the Ingush, Timur Tumgoev.

The Russian side accused Tumgoev of involvement in terrorist groups in Syria. In August 2017, we already wrote that all charges against Tumgoyev were falsified.

Timur states he has never been to Syria. After systematic persecution by Russian security forces, he fled to Georgia, and then left for Turkey, where he lived for two years, unable to return to his homeland. Russia, taking advantage of the incident, accused him of participating in the IS, fabricated a number of criminal cases against him and then requested him through Interpol. He went to Ukraine, as Turkey planned to deport him, and this was his only way out at the time, so as not to be in Russia, where his life was in great danger. However, upon arrival in Ukraine, he was detained by the police, and learned that he was requested through Interpol.

The Kharkov court allowed Tumgoev’s extradition to Russia. The migration authorities of Ukraine also denied Timur a refuge. ECHR agreed with the decision of the Ukrainian side, but the UN Human Rights Committee took the side of Timur, and ordered the Ukrainian side not to extradite Tumgoev to Russia. Timur was released, after what he joined the Chechen battalion, fighting on the side of Ukraine. However, on September 11, Tumgoev was detained by the police and on September 12, he was extradited to Russia despite a ban from the UN.

Today (14/09) the fate of Tumgoev Timur is unknown. He is allegedly in SIZO-4, where he is being interrogated. We found a lawyer for Timur and now we need to urgently collect money to pay for his services. The exact amount is still unknown, as we do not know whether Timur will be transferred to Vladikavkaz, or whether he will be left in Moscow. It is necessary to pay for the lawyer’s business travel, as well as his fee.


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