New portion of euro-supporters of Kadyrov

04.05.2019 0 By Админ

We continue combing through the social networks and shaking up insta accounts, pulling Kadyrov’s supporters, rats, sycophants and snitches out onto the white world, due to a misunderstanding, and in view of the loopholes of international legislation, they are now entrenched in Europe under the guise of refugees. These anti-heroes pose every danger to the respectable representatives of our people.

Through them, confidential information about real refugees flows to the authorities of Chechnya, and, moreover, by their very presence in the countries with us, they give the migration authorities reason to doubt that people like you and I really need protection. After all, if these asylum seekers do not hesitate to sing the praises of Kadyrov and are related to his lackeys, then perhaps the problems of all other Chechens are also far-fetched?

In short, we have dug out for you the next number of cases. Use it, without a need to thank us.

By the way. Last time, after the first presentation of the “finds” from the social networks of Kadyrovs’ euro-supporters, we received a series of lively responses from them. Someone wrote penitential letters and erased compromising posts, someone, on the contrary, declared that he was, is and will be a conductor of interests and PR agent of the padishah in Europe and it is none of our business.

–tinguished him:

> d Beslan tell about his misadventures? Isn’t Yasayev the one pursuing him in between the pancakes and tea?

Maga (Magomed Askhabov). The surname is being specified. Lives in Leipzig, Germany.

M put dozens of masterpieces of photos on Instagram, including those decorated with hearts. We were even tired of watching, it was not for the faint of heart, but it was also not for nothing. Scrolling through the album gave us the knowledge that Maga has a T-shirt with Ramzan Kadyrov and he wears it.

gup> osd himself served in the Kadyrovs’ structures. He is active in social networks, sends messages of support to his uncle, publishes his uncle’s photos, seems to be proud of a relative who has made his way into the ranks. He expresses all sympathy of the Kadyrov’s authorities and not a word about the threats and persecution against him. Why did the loving nephew go so far from his uncle? Maybe, the further, the dearer?

Thetae if, just before its publication, the Beslan of Bremen did not remind of himself (Person №2 from the previous hit parade). At that time, Beslan began with incendiary introduction – firing at the window from a gun, that was captured on the video (again the cult of weapons, so what, is it really possible to play without a gun, or this isn’t cool enough?) This time Beslan pleased us with a new performance with a popular chanter among Kadyrovs’ supporters.

And nowm e had previously tried to say that he was not a Kadyrovs’ supporter at all and that he had problems at home, and also reminded that he was an asylum seeker because of these problems.

We wish the “o ers exposed here, and urge everyone else to share this material. Perhaps this will save your loved ones from the extremely harmful contact.

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