Khabib’s “Russian Future” and where is our money now?

28.02.2019 0 By Админ

A Telegram channel ‘Russian Future’ has posted an outrageous story telling that a Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov  finances the VAYFOND organization that, according to the same ‘Russian Future’, provides support to the ISIS terrorist group and other ‘shaitans’.

Sure thing, a regular channel of special services (according to our sources) would never make a long Telegram post full of links for such a dramatic exposure. Each offence committed by ‘Khabib the extremist’ is evidenced by a separate link. What made the government bloggers keyed up is the fighter’s new role, he is now the Toyota’s frontman in Russia.

“Hello, Toyota, you feel alright?”, – the channel asks angrily.  They catch Nurmagomedov out in mendacity. On one hand, they are referring to a photo of the ring king topless striking a pose in a bathroom with a group of naked guys, and on the other hand they are annoyed that Khabib says that a half-naked girl showing up on the Dagestan theatre’s scene is something very indecent and demands that the guilty are punished.

After some consideration, Toyota called the athlete’s speech ‘his personal views’.

You may ask: what does all this have to do with the VAYFOND? 

We did not get it, to be honest. Our operations are fully transparent and aimed at enlightenment, rights protection and charity.
We do understand the government ‘trolls’: your bosses failed to dig up any dirt on us, and you have to stand the racket, use your imagination, making longread posts from anonymous accounts, surf the web for previous fake news, heroically make up new fake news and sweat over Photoshop for planted articles. By the way, the Photoshop work in one of the recent publications about us sucks, we are disappointed!

Khabib at least really gets a beating in the ring, while these invisible soldiers in the virtual battlefield, these mouse and keyboard warriors getting 30k rubles per month, they waste the state budget without any consequences, feeling absolutely safe. So, we can understand them, but not feel for them.

One more thing. Neither the ‘Russian Future’ nor anyone else have presented anything that proves we finance terrorists. And, despite that our organization has many times officially declared its non-involvement in any terrorist groups, deprecating their actions and policies, the rogue bloggers yet yielded to the temptation of linking us to those groups. We get more and more convinced that the ISIS (ISIL, Daesh etc.) terrorist organization is a project managed by various special services that are now blaming every living Muslim of having connections with what they created. Muslims mostly have suffered (and are still suffering, as we may see) from those groups, and the rest have been harmed to a relatively small degree.

And one last thing.

Since the name of the Telegram channel has ‘future’ in it, we are ready to give it a shot. No guts, no glory! So, they tell we are sponsored by a famous Russian fighter, so could you please immediately submit the estimate and send us the money to which VAYFOND is entitled?