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Today is the best time to remember archive facts. Let’s refresh our memory.

It’s the 21st century, but despite cool clothes and phones, the Internet did not reach some people. Well, even if it did reach, the access to information is limited to viewing funny memes and “how cool people live”.

For people it is easier to perceive the propaganda of federal channels, and not to destroy their magic little world by “hostile information” from outside. After all, as Chichvarkin said, if people understand that it was the FSB that blew up the houses in Russia, then they will have to go with the “pitchfork” to the government house. But nobody wants this, because “all systems go”, therefore we neutralize this information in our minds, we do not want to know this.
People “from above” said that we are to blame terrorists? So, they are to be blamed. They said that Russia is at war with terrorists and saves peaceful people? So it is. That’s all. Could I have a croissant with an eclair and a cup of caramel latte.

If you lift this veil, then you will get into a place called the “real world”. And the first reaction to this reality of a person with settings already made by the state in his mind is a nervous laugh, an accusation of all mortal sins, and reporting “the scoundrel” to the authorities.

But every year, the truth comes out of woodworks, it falls out of the folders, it flies out the windows, it settles in terabytes of detailed information on the Internet, it seeps even on TV – the bulwark of turning mankind into zombies. And the more it gets out, the more monstrous the lies is, the lies that they try to cover it up with. It’s like a huge crack in the wall, which has grown to the extent of an emergency condition, the house is about to collapse! And they are running around with a roller, filling up the crack at random all over the place, and yelling that this all is conspiracy! They all are enemies of the homeland! Traitors, extremists, terrrrroorrr!!!

Information on who exactly killed children in Beslan will be enough for several generations in advance, at least the information from the mothers of these children themselves. A generation of those who look deeper towards the bottom of the lake and not admire their reflection in the water is growing up.

As well as other terrible events of those years, such as the capture of the maternity home, the Nord-Ost, having a “double bottom”.

Just note – I do not justify such actions in any case. Moreover, I am an ardent opponent of radical measures that can entail innocent victims. And I have been adhering to this point of view to this day, because the hatred between peoples should not push to injustice.
But! We are talking not about me.
Already now, after so many years, looking “in the light” at every detail of the events of those years, dismissing all “official versions”, and having listened to all the “deceitful enemies of the people”, comparing what has happened with what we see now – I understand the desperation of these people who have gone to extreme measures.

When you become a witness of the genocide of your own people, when the daily killings of children, old men and women in the most brutal form, their terrible tortures and cries for help do not allow you to breathe – the only right way out seems to be to hit the same spot.

“Fight against the disbelievers collectively as they fight against you collectively.” But they did not fight. And they were not going to kill.
While television showed from all sides “terrible terrorists” who took CHILDREN and PEACEFULL PEOPLE as hostages, nobody noticed that on this huge banner with capital letters there was a short line with a small font, but with a huge meaning: * Bring out your troops!

“Bring out your troops!” – it was the only requirement. Not billions of dollars, not a helicopter, not “surrender Moscow to us”, not “give us your women and gold, and get out of the country”, but “BRING OUT YOUR TROOPS!”

The troops who took the whole republic hostage.

The troops who brutally killed the same children, that would be enough for thousands of “Beslan schools”! And they thought they would make people think about it.

The troops who raped and killed women, including pregnant ones, tearing them apart, killing unborn children, I do not want to go into the terrible and chilling details, women who would be enough for thousands of seized “maternity homes,” and they thought they could make people think by that.

The troops that killed peaceful, innocent people, children, adults, the elderly – indiscriminately, which would be enough for thousands of the “Nord-Ost” concert halls. And they believed naively that they could make people think by that ….

Bring out your troops! Stop this war! Just stop killing us!
But at stake there was reputation of the “newly-elected president”, and the houses were already blown up, in order to make people think in the way needed.
If they step back – no one will understand! Propaganda has already done its job, and people were boiling with anger: “crush a terrorist creep!”

Look, isn’t it surprising that a lot of people, who made sure that the American towers were blown up by the government itself, ridiculing the stupid and deceived people, do not notice the same fooling around in their neighborhoods?)

“The terrorists,” who dared to take the desperate step, thought they could make people think. They delayed time and counted not even on the authorities, knowing that it was exactly their work, but on the people. But there were only several dozens of reasoned people with posters standing side by side beyond the cordon and chanting under the threatening and hateful looks of the siloviki: “Bring the troops out of Chechnya! Save our people! ”

They did not. They did not save them. Neither these nor those.
Chechens did not take into account that having a “mass media” propaganda weapon in the hands meant practically winning the war.

Yes, it was foolish to believe that the overhead personnel, which gives orders to kill hundreds of thousands, would go back, in front of dozens of hostages … But there was no time to sit and reason, people died every hour. And a very terrible and difficult decision was made, which seemed to be a salvation, because it was aimed at “awakening”, at “getting through”. It did not work out that way.
It was reckless. Desperately, scary, and wrong! But they counted on a completely different outcome, looking back at the dying people calling for help, which no one was going to save.

Everyone was killed. Both these and those. Someone survived, and they were told who to hate and who to be treated as heroes. Propaganda has been working for years so that people think in the right direction, and any deviation from the “norm” will be considered a crime already between the people.

And the same scheme works today successfully and harmoniously with respect to the Syrian war: “we help – terrorists perish – who said that we are bombing? – it’s enemies! – the power does everything right!”

People are terrified “with the terrorists who seized the maternity home! Who seized the school! How could they have encroached on the sacred!!!” – while closing their eyes to their government, which bombs all the same maternity homes and schools, but in another country, killing thousands of innocent people.

They do not want to see and hear the primary causes of these actions. They do not see that small line, in fine print, at the bottom of the screen: “Bring out your troops, leave our land, stop killing innocent people!”, but they see a huge flashing red inscription in full screen: “Fighting against terrorism! Victory is ours!”
And the deceived people, in a fit of cultivated patriotism, in a country plundered by its own state, applauding the billions, thrown at the military “defense”, for bombing maternity homes, schools, concert halls, and dwelling houses …, – is proud of their country-peacemaker!

They curse terror, which is the child of this system, and they praise the same terror against innocent people.

They are infinitely grateful and devoted to the system, which continues to wake up its sick citizens in order to give them a new dose of sleeping pills.

Author: Ayat Abdurahmanova