Eight Years in Prison before Investigation and Trial

18.01.2019 0 By Админ

Aslan Yandiev, a native of Ingushetia, extradited from Slovakia to Russia in the summer of last year, faces a prison sentence under several serious articles, and his relatives say that he is seriously ill and are scared for his life.

Yandiev’s case has been taken over by the Investigative Committee. The charges include banditry and participation in illegal armed group (IAG).

Since 2011, the Russian security services have fought to extradite Yandiev, while he and his defenders tried to avoid this and sought the protection from the Europeans. But all was in vain. Aslan never pleaded himself guilty to any of the episodes.

But he has served eight years already. According to the relatives, he knew that he was being searched for trumped-up charges and sought asylum in Europe.

As is often the case, the only evidence against a person is the testimony of the already detained fellow countrymen, three Ingushs – Umar Khadziev, Alikhan Ozdoev and Rustam Tsurov. In 2004, they were accused of participation in illegal armed group participation, terrorist attacks and murders. They went to prison for decades. This article is very popular in the Caucasus; it suits for almost all detainees, whoever you take. However, it turned out later that the tortures were used against these three men and they were forced to slander their acquaintances, but…

The torture case is standstill in the ECHR. The Slovak justice neglected the ban of the UN Human Rights Committee on extradition of Yandiev to Russia. In short, he was absolutely unlucky. After 7 years of expectation and isolation, he, being sick and exhausted, now waits for the court hearing in a cell of the Vladikavkaz detention centre.

He was denied the confirmation of disability and placement under house arrest.

Vayfond provided Yandiev with a defender well-known in the Caucasus, Andrey Sabinin.

He told us about some details of the case:

– Now we have completed the investigative activities. I think that by the end of the month the case will go to the Prosecutor’s Office to confirm the indictment. Yandiev is now in custody in Ossetia, in the Vladikavkaz detention centre.

h e relatives are concerned about the Yandiev’s condition. He is ill, but he is not recognized as the sick and does not receive the necessary help.

> t the trial on the merits of Aslan Yandiev’s case will begin in February.