Disappeared without a trace

19.05.2019 0 By Админ

People whose relatives were abducted and went missing in Chechnya, who are not being searched by the formal structures, they, while hiding behind the argument: “what if he left for Syria to fight”, or even openly accusing of terrorism, usually keep silent.

> d, we, of course, called him on the phone. At first, no one came up. Then an alien voice answered. He said that it was his number, refused to answer where he took the device from. But my heart told me that this man is aware. He quickly disconnected and did not pick up the phone again.

> for Tamara’s son, requests about the disappearance remain unanswered and the woman is afraid to complain to the higher authorities than the one’s on the republican level. It is scary, and also the elder brother has prohibited that.

Aho turned to us is so afraid of being recognized that we change not only the name, but also the circumstances of the abductions of their loved ones. Nevertheless, we give them the word to bring this pain to a wide audience.

Oes very close to Grozny. His son was taken away in an unknown direction a couple of months ago by the people in masks, when he was returning home from the city. It was accidentally seen by a neighbour. And the family immediately rushed to the police department with a request.

T did not sleep, but instead of their son, at dawn they received a visit from the security forces.

“ve into the yard. Weapons, helmets, masks. According to the conversation one can hear that among them there are “Chechens” and Russians. Kadyrov’s people are hiding behind their masks on raids like this. But if we find out who the offender is, then even a hundred years later, we will find him and take revenge.

arfor a ransom or for a lawyer, collected certificates and proofs that the missing person had not gone anywhere and had not left the republic for the last two years, that he was not connected with anyone, that he was a simple worker and family man.

Oo accusations. No case, no charges, no investigation, no person.

esp:paragraph –> alar to each other. The unpunished octopus drags people into its dungeon. Often – beyond retrieve. But the bits of information reach the close ones and because of them we know for sure that the person did not “go away anywhere by himself” and was not stolen by the aliens.

Sce While instructing the parents of the kidnapped person, he said: “we observed him for half a year”. But if they put surveillance, why didn’t they summon him officially, why didn’t they charge him with anything, why didn’t they appeal to the elders of the clan, in the end, it is what the Chechen custom dictates?

In another cl by the relatives.

Also went issappeared. But what a stroke of luck – the kidnappers did not know that he was by car. And relatives, walking around every yard, every street, noticed a familiar car not far from the regional police department. After that, the relatives did back off the police, insisted and managed to pull out the guy for the ransom. He said that he was subjected to electric shock and to degrading treatment. He said that in a closed prison there are still prisoners who are in prison for three years and their parents do not know anything.